Kwik Kopy is helping businesses get back to profitability.

Kwik Kopy is helping businesses get back to profitability.

2020 has been a rough year for businesses, and Kwik Kopy is no exception. COVID-19 has crippled our economy and is changing the way people and businesses interact with one another. Most businesses are still struggling to get back to pre-COVID-19 levels, and many have had to make significant cutbacks and changes to their operations.


We here at Kwik Kopy have been motivated to do our best to help businesses get back on their feet again. Check out some of our latest efforts to help make a difference:

Radio Booth

Free Radio Ads...On Us!

Throughout the month of June, Kwik Kopy was excited to partner with our friends at Capital Broadcasting and  103.1 The Wave  to offer and produce free radio advertising to 16 different local businesses. We reached out to these businesses and explained our idea and how we wanted to help make a difference, and, of course, they were all on board! It took a couple weeks of writing scripts and sending them to the studio to be produced, and then the commercials started to play, all on Kwik Kopy's dime. Each business received a total of 30 broadcasts of their ad on 103.1 The Wave. It was fun to hear some of these businesses over the air for the first time, and to listen for when the next commercial would come (yes, we know...normally it's the other way around!) All in all, it was a rousing success, and Kwik Kopy is grateful to the business owners that said yes even though they had a lot on their plate already. We know it helped increase awareness for these businesses and we wish them nothing but continued success! Thanks to Jody Adams and the team at Capital Broadcasting for putting up with us and accommodating our strange request. :-)

Click the sound wave below to here one of our ads

Kwik Kopy sample ad